My name is Claudio Tedesco, i was borned on 18 June 1983 in Milan. Since child felt happy for the music. I have noticed at the age of 4 years when my father played music on piano. The lightning struck the music of my childhood so much that the passion for music is kept alive until today. 10 years: I started seriously studying piano in 10 years I have graduated, but what we always felt was the ability to invent, or rather, to communicate emotion through those 88 keys. 15 years: the first experiments, then in 16 years, having discovered the science of harmony, I have used the invention. I wanted to conceal my first rudimentary recordings on tape, because I thought it did not invent much sense. After graduating in tasty piano cities of Parma and a Bachelor of Science of Cultural Heritage in the trendy Milan, over the years through experiences of teaching and the dissemination of live music, I believed was right even reinvent music. 24 years: so the April 2007, I gave strong impetus to the invention in real time of my music. And from that moment I always tried and still try to express my thoughts, my emotions, in general, the life that flows through the art of music. ... And what to say more? Good listening to all those who will appreciate my music.